Nano silica powder for scratch resistance

Nano Silicon Dioxide Nanopowder For  Scratch ResistanceProperty:Extra small size; Big specific surface area; Tunnel effect.Easily dispersed in mediumsGood suspension property and thixotropy.Product name: Nanometer silicon dioxideCAS No.: 14808-60-7Synonyms: Nanometer silicaFormula: SiO2Chemical structure: O==SI==OMol. Wt.:

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Nano Silicon Dioxide Nanopowder For  Scratch Resistance

Extra small size; Big specific surface area; Tunnel effect.
Easily dispersed in mediums
Good suspension property and thixotropy.

Product name: Nanometer silicon dioxide
CAS No.: 14808-60-7
Synonyms: Nanometer silica
Formula: SiO2
Chemical structure: O==SI==O
Mol. Wt.: 60.08

Rubber: Improve intensity, tenacity, anti-aging, re-attrite and so on.
Plastic: Improve the intensity, tenacity and anti-aging capabilities of plastic.
Epoxy resin: Improve rigidity, intensity, tenacity, high temperature resistance and anti-aging capabilities
Coating: Greatly improve suspension property, thixotropic, weatherability, anti-washing and anti-infra-red.
Gooey and sealant: Improve the ropy of gooey and the sealed ability of sealant.
ITEM NO.AppearanceAverage sizenmContent%SSAm 2 /gPH
NSiP15White powder15±599.8250±305-7
NSiP30White powder30±599.5220±305-7
NSiP50White powder50±599.5200±305-7
NSi30T(for coating)White powder30±599.5150-3005-7
NSi30S(for resin)White powder30±599.5150-3005-7
NSi01(for rubber)White powder30±599.5150-3005-7
NSi30F(for textile)White powder30±599.5150-3005-7

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