Silane cross-linked wire and cable extruder

Silane Cross-Linked Wire Cable Extruding MachineDefinition:Silane cross linking cable material pellets granulating machine is designed by using the building block principle, which can make the plastic extrusion machine changed according to the materials properties and process technology easily.It is possible for one machin

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Silane Cross-Linked Wire Cable Extruding Machine

Silane cross linking cable material pellets granulating machine is designed by using the building block principle, which can make the plastic extrusion machine changed according to the materials properties and process technology easily.
It is possible for one machine reach the extensive performance and special purpose in many place.
Silane cross linking cable material pellets granulating machine is popular also because its excellent dispersing and compounding as well good self-clean performance.

Characteristics of product:
1.    High resistance to breakdown strength
2.    Low dielectric loss
3.    Good and stable insulation
4.    Good softness
5.    Good mechanical properties and electric properties
6.    Strong acid and alkali resistance, good chemical stability

It is Suitable for the cable which is taking PE as raw material

Production line:
Introduction of ATS two-stage compounding line:
To produce PE cable materials, we generally use ATS two-stage compounding line. ATS Two-stage compounding line includes ATE Twin screw extruder, ASE Single screw extruder and down-stream pelletizing system. The first stage is to realize the polymers compounding job, second stage is to extrude the compounds with gentle and lower temperature, then pelletizing through the down-stream cutting system.

Characteristic of this production line:
Complete the plasticization, compounding and graft by big slenderness ratio co-rotating twin-screw extruder. Drop the temperature, build up the pressure, extrusion, pelletizing by low-speed single screw extruder. Using this technology can achieve more flexible operation, optimize technical condition and perfect product's performance than using one-stage extruder.

About the pelletizing system:
Multiple cutting systems also can be adopted in the ATS compounding line. Thanks to the modular design principle, both Instrument control and PLC control are also available to be applied in the ATS electrical controlling system. All the key electrical parts adopt European brands to guarantee the controlling system with significant and stable performance.
To produce PE cable materials, we usually use the pelletizing system:Water-ring pelletizer . It has the advantage: combine high-speech and strong-compounding of twin-screw extruder with low-speech, low-temperature and weak-shear of single-screw extruder. It is the first choice when produce heat-sensitive or shear-sensitive material.

Production process:
1. Raw material store
2. Dryness hopper
3. Molecular screen drier
4. Raw material tank
5. Loss-in-weight metering pump
6. Loss-in-weight electronic balance
7. Main twin-screw extruder
8. Main single-screw extruder
9. Water-ring pelletizer
10. Centrifugal hydro-extractor
11. Boiling bed
12. Vacuum feed mechanism
13. Molecular screen drier
14. Drying hopper
15. Product hopper
16. Vacuum packing machine

Silane cross linking cable material pellets granulating machine have 4 main types with different output which cover nearly all kinds of special and common application requirements of extruders.
We believe each type of extruder has its best application condition. You could select the extruder type according to your special demands.

Main technical specification
Machine sizeScrew Diameter(mm)Screw Speed Max.(rpm)Motor Power(Kw)Throughput Rate(Kg/h)

Characteristics of this set of equipment:
1.    Good mixing effect and the temperature control is convenient
2.    Covers a small area and doesn't need large electricity
3.    Raw material mixing and granulating are entirely automatic, human demand is small
4.    High-safety and can reduce raw materials' damage and deterioration

About our service:
PE Cable Extruder Before-sale
1.    Introduce products and applications detain
2.    Recommend suitable solution
3.    Provide with reference information
4.    Offer lab for test

During Manufacturing    
1.    Provide with layout and engineering conditions
2.    Inform the project processing status
3.    Offer other documents

1. Provide with installation, commissioning and training
2. Register and record customer information
3. Offer spare parts
4. Provide with necessary technical support for new application
5. Visit customer regularly and correct information   

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